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Q&A Drink My Brewcast combines comedy with insider Michigan beer news in weekly podcast The big idea: mix a passion for craft beer with an interest in radio broad-casting. The result? Drink My Brew-cast, a podcast that delves into all things Michigan beer. We caught up with two of the three hosts of the Tra-verse City-based program—27-year-old Bob Miller (known as “Los Bob” to followers) and 27-year-old Carly Anderson—to learn more about Drink My Brewcast, now in its second year (and going strong with 50+ episodes) Brewers & Beer, Downloaded Q. A. First, tell us a little about your interest in Michigan beer Carly: I moved to Michigan from Chicago to open a microbrewery [Brewery Ferment in Traverse City]. At the time, there were only four breweries in TC, but around the time we opened, the beer industry within the state had really exploded. It’s a constantly evolving industry so it never gets dull. Bob: I started working at North Peak Brewing Company [in Traverse City] when I was 18, and worked the sum-mers when I was home from col-lege. I moved my way up to even-tually bartending at North Peak, and while working at a brewery, I fell in love with beer. The more I tried craft beers, the more I was interested in expanding my palate and knowl-edge. Q. How did this lead to starting Drink My Brewcast? 28 { May 2014 } { of beer styles and also brewer styles. There isn’t just one list of recipes that every brewer follows—the op-tions are essentially limitless when it comes to creating a new beer. Brew-ers are essentially artists and the beer is their medium. A. Bob: Throughout my years at college, I had heard that I had a great radio voice, and pursued a few radio broadcasting classes. Mike Moran ;producer and I were hanging out in 7 Monks Taproom one night, drink-ing some good beer and talking about our shared interest in the ra-dio business. Mike had experienced the podcast culture when he lived in California, and mentioned his idea of making it a more prominent thing in Northern Michigan. We thought that it would be great to sort of pioneer the podcasting genre in the North-ern Michigan region. Our goal would be to educate ourselves along with our listeners about the craft beer world. We wanted to sound relat-able, and not come off as beer snobs. We decided to take our experience as bartenders and use that as a more inviting way to introduce brewer’s innovations to the beer drinkers. Carly: Bob and Mike approached Shaun [McKolay] and I with the idea and asked if we were interested in co-hosting the show. Of course I was! What’s not to love about tast-ing great craft beer and interview-ing people in the industry at 10 a.m. each week? Q. A. What do you hope listeners get out of the podcast? Carly: I hope listeners get a good combination of quality beer informa-tion and a few laughs. We mix “beer geek” material like beer reviews, brewing news and technology and industry interviews with comical segments like “The Stumble of the Week” where the hosts each tell a funny story that involves some de-gree of drinking. Bob: I really hope that people learn to connect with brewers and busi-ness owners, to the point that it gets people to truly respect the Michigan beer scene. We also want to intro-duce the benefit of podcasting and how it can truly benefit a business. Once you build a great following, it can really steer consumers to your business(es), which is very important to us. Not to mention the fact that we love to mix comedy and knowl-edge all into one show, while really highlighting the greatness of Michi-gan craft beer. Drink My Brewcast can be found on iTunes. The team “loves feedback, both compliments and critiques.” d r i n k my b r e w c a s t @ i c l o u d . c o m , Q. A. What have you learned while doing this pod-cast? Bob: Since starting this podcast, I have tried a lot of beers and spoken to a lot of brewers. It is amazing to me how broad the spectrum is in terms

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