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Producer Photograph courtesy of Right Brain Brewery Russ Springsteen Right Brain Brewery likes to keep things interesting —beer made with fruit pies, anyone? Right Brain Brewery’s ‘Epic’ Growth Traverse City operation enjoying larger space, continues tradition of creative beer making By Al Parker n 2008, when he launched his brewery in Traverse City’s Warehouse District, Russ Springsteen didn’t have trouble coming up with a catchy name. “I got the name during my senior year in high school,” Springsteen says. “Miss Carter, the creative writing teacher, announced to everyone that we would be taking a test. Mind you, Miss Carter did not really like me that well, for whatever reason. Anyway, she goes on about this test we will be taking to deter-mine who is ‘right brained.’ So she drones on about how only three or four people will be right brained. Sooooo…I end up being the only person in class who is right brained and she tells me that I took it wrong. I She inspired me. But just to bug the heck out of her I would walk in each day and greet her with ‘I’m Right Brain, ya know.’” Thus Right Brain Brewery was born. Room to grow Though successful in the Warehouse District, Spring-steen needed more space and in 2012 moved his brewery a few miles away into a roomy 70-year-old former factory. Right Brain Brewery’s 7,000-square foot bar area has a comfortable industrial vibe. Its cinder block walls are painted in warm shades of salmon and yellow and are 12 { July 2014 }

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