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lined with eye-catching works of various media. RBB regularly hosts art events during the year and is planning an upcoming show featuring the works of tattoo art-ists from across the nation. Visitors are encouraged to relax in comfy overstuffed chairs or gather at one of the oversized picnic tables made from lumber repurposed from the former factory. “We have 10 times more space now,” says Leif Kolt, who handles events, branding and marketing at Right Brain. “The old place only had 3,500 square feet.” As the brewery has grown in size, so has its popularity. “It’s been epic,” Kolt says. “Our sales are up, our production is up. We’re doing great.” “The way we run our business is the way we talk to people—face-to-face, with good communica-tion between the community, our business partners and the people who handle our beer,” Kolt adds. ‘We’re kind of cavalier’ “The other part of our success is our product, of course,” Kolt says. “We make a lot of different beers, including some that others might shy away from making. We’re kind of cavalier. We do what we want because we want to. We’re the most non-corporate company you could find.” The brewing team is headed up by brewmaster Nick Panchame’, a New Jersey native who moved to northern Michigan specifically to join the brewery. Right Brain’s most popular cre-ations include: • CEO Stout, a coffee stout with an ABV of 5.5 percent, a dark-bodied beer made with mashed espresso beans. CEO stands for coffee, espresso and oatmeal. “Hands down it’s our most popu-lar beer,” says Kolt. “It was voted Michigan’s Favorite Stout in 2012 and 2013.” • Willpower, a pale ale with an ABV of 4.2 percent, one of RBB’s 14 { July 2014 }

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