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Founders facts Founded 1997 in Grand Rapids, Mich. Motto Brewed for us. Ranked 26th largest U.S. craft brewery by volume in 2013 Best Sellers: All Day IPA, Centennial IPA and Dirty Bastard Production: Sold 111,000 barrels (bbls) in 2013 with goal of selling 180,000 bbls in 2014 222 employees of 15 people on the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser, a self-propelled vehicle powered by pedals. Paige Partenio celebrated her 23rd birthday with former high school friends. “The atmosphere is awesome, open and social,” says Kelly Armstrong of Novi as she enjoyed a Rubaeus raspberry ale. Chelsea Danielak of East Lansing ordered a Rubeaus-Centennial IPA mix for a little fruity hoppiness. Meanwhile, homebrewers Jon and Deirdre Virgilio stopped in for their Founders favorite. “I love the Pale Ale,” Deirdre Virgilio says. “It’s one of the best ever, and getting it fresh here makes it really crisp. It has bold flavor, but not a high alcohol volume.” Jon Virgilio, a longtime Founders fan, enjoyed a Red’s Rye IPA. “I like the spicy character. The malt changes everything. Founders basically started craft brewing in Grand Rapids. They are the pioneers,” he says. KBS craze A specialty beer with a cult following, KBS was voted best beer in America on in February. Available in April, this extremely limited liquid ages in Kentucky bourbon barrels for a year in caves beneath Grand Rapids. The Twitterverse was abuzz this spring as bars and restaurants announced local releases and KBS fans shared where and when they enjoyed the special brew. The imperial stout (11.2 percent ABV) is brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolates, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure bourbon undertones come through in the finish. With around 4,500 barrels aging a number of beers at a given time, Stevens says Founders maintains the most bourbon barrels of any craft brewery in the country. { July 2014 } 7

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